What parents say about Judy Libman and Ambitions Educational Consulting

"I can’t find the words to thank you enough for helping M. yesterday. In a nutshell, she came back hopeful. She felt you really cared and understood her. Besides, she simply loved the binder you prepared for her and could not wait to show it to me. She considers you a “brilliant woman.” Coming from M., who is usually not generous with compliments, these words mean a lot. Thank you indeed!"
"Thanks so much for your superb counselling for [our daughter]. We heard rave reviews from her (about you) and we are so pleased that she made her decisions and is happy with them!"
"Thank you for the guidance and support you gave [our son]. After much thought he has decided to go to [x university}. I think he is really looking forward to being there. We are thrilled that ...he made an informed and well thought-out decision. Thanks again."
"[Our son's] interview went well, I am certain in great part due to the fact that he went into [it] with a feeling of self-assurance after meeting with you."
"Thank you so much for your help... it has really given [our daughter] a much-needed confidence boost...I really feel that at this point she is in a 'win-win' situation."
"I keep getting rave reviews from friends who have come to see you...so you make me feel like a hero."
"Thank you...the process you put in place for [our daughter] lessened the stress she was feeling..."
"Thank you so much for all of the support that you have given to [our son] this year. We were at [his] graduation from [college] in June and a number of his profs commented on the contribution that he made to the program. Without your help, I'm sure that [they] wouldn't have let him into the pre-university program. He graduated with over 80% and is off to [university] in September. The change that this success has made in [our son] is quite remarkable! Many thanks for all of your efforts on his behalf."
" Thank you very much for the time you spent with [our son]. I know he appreciated it and I certainly did. He does now have renewed enthusiasm. Thanks again - great help."
"Judy's expertise and suggestions assisted with the university application process. Her advice was practical and most helpful."