If you are a high school student looking for university or college programs in Canada, I can:

  • Identify programs at Canadian universities or colleges which fit your academic and personal profile
  • Clarify admissions requirements and ensure that you’re taking the right courses now
  • Create a personalized portfolio of program choices and options for you
  • Assist in planning your university or college program if you have a learning disability or other special need
  • Help you identify interests and areas of focus that you might never have recognized
  • Teach you some highly effective study techniques that will prepare you for university success right from the start

" Students who think they’re in the right place get far more out of a particular school than students who don’t. Conviction that they have found a good fit makes students more confident, more open to experience, and more attentive to opportunities.”
- Barry Schwartz, author and professor, Swarthmore College