If you are seeking admission to medical school in Canada, the US, or abroad

Many universities lack in-depth, individualized pre-med advising programs; students are on their own to navigate the complexity of medical school admissions.

For over 20 years I’ve been filling this highly specialized need and have guided countless students into MD and MD/PhD programs in Canada, the US and abroad. My own academic background is in biomedical sciences and I was a science educator for many years. Students who come to me for medical school admissions advising know that I am deeply knowledgeable and up-to-date on all the developments in the field.

I will:

  • Evaluate your chances of admission to various medical schools
  • Advise you on how to enhance and improve your chances for admission
  • Help you develop ideas and a structure for your "personal statement" and other application essays
  • Show you how to showcase your unique qualities and achievements, so that you will stand out in the admissions process
  • Coach you for your med school interview (including practice exercises for MMI type interviews)
  • Steer you away from wrong choices (e.g., poorly regarded offshore schools) and into better options for success

For high school and university students planning ahead towards medical school, I can help you choose the right courses to take now. I also know which university programs can benefit you the most, and how to find summer and extracurricular enrichment experiences that will enhance your chances of becoming a doctor.

Health professions other than medicine I have extensive experience working with students in a full range of health professions, including dentistry, physical and occupational therapy, optometry, speech-language pathology, and genetic counseling.